What is Qwik-Tab?

Qwik-tab was started in 1987 when the partners identified a product for the legal profession. The product addresses the frustration attorneys endure with the high cost of traditional full divider sheets and the bulk they create in document preparation, especially with the number of copies that must be distributed to the courts and all the parties.

Special dies were created to produce a tab (in 3 different sizes) that was adhesive only at the top half of the tab, thus enabling the customer to adhere it directly to the document. Suddenly, pleading document indexing is made easy, fast and inexpensive.

The concept behind Qwik-Tab is efficiency and flexibility in document preparation. We feel that we have accomplished the goal.

Qwik-Tabs are sold to law firms nationwide. Our goal is to expand in law firm vendor trade and to market Qwik-Tab to the general consumer. This creative little product can be used in a variety of ways and its uses are only limited to one's imagination...

"We really like your product and price and are happy to send

in this new order."

Diane G. Perkison - Hunt & Adams, Inc.