Qwik-Tab is a self-adhesive exhibit tab for identification on case exhibits, motions, depositions and briefs. Qwik-Tab will expedite the monotony of document preparation. Simply remove the tab from the sheet and press the adhesive top half of the tab to the document.

In addition there are several custom index tabs and related products available. "Legal Index Divider sheets" printed with guided brackets on the side and bottom, makes it possible for the customer to mount all three size tabs on a separate sheet. This allows the customer to determine the exact configuration of the custom index tabs, and reduces waste. The product is more efficient and cost effective. Documents can be marked before or after assembly with any of the three size tabs, 3/4", 1 1/2", or 3". Our 3" tab can be ordered blank or with the words "Declaration Of" (ten tabs per sheet) or our half size tab (3/4") is available in the entire alphabet and numbers 1-100. Titles available in the 1 1/2" include Alpha Exhibits A-Z, Numeric Exhibits 1-100, Exhibit Blank, Completely Blank and a variety of other titles (see order form). You can order titles in either our "Bold" or "Classic" typefaces, in any quantity, individually or by set as needed. A handsome looking binder book is available to store your self adhesive tab sheets. It's easily identified and convenient for your desktop or shelf. Our tab sheets are three hole punched, facilitating easy placement in your binder book.

Qwik-Tab offers the traditional 8 1/2" x 11" Full Divider Sheet, bottom tab attached (5 bank). They are printed both sides, 80lb vellum bristle, reinforced on the top and finished with a matte/mylar coating to cut glare. Tab identifications are Exhibit A-Z, Exhibit 1-100, Exhibit w/space (for writing) and completely blank. Side Tab indentifications are: alpha only A-Z and numbers only 1-100. Order any quantity of any index divider with a $25.00 minimum per order.

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